What’s the story behind the name “the cooker woman”?

Every little girl has a dream to be something special when they grow up, and my dream was to be a “cooker woman”, as I called it. My parents were both in the food industry as I was growing up and I remember many childhood gifts being cooking related. Among the favorites, a make believe 16 piece decorated cooking set, a pink apron with red cooking utensils, and the amazing easy bake oven! Being a “cooker woman” and serving people the “food” I was making made me so happy. It was something I loved as a little girl and it continues to be one of my greatest passions in life.

Where does your enthusiasm for cooking come from?

My enthusiasm for cooking comes from being in the kitchen of my parents restaurants from a very young age. Some of my greatest memories are of working in the kitchen with them! My mother was born in New York as the oldest of 7 children and grew up cooking for her large family. She cooked almost every night in our house and we always sat down at the table as a family for dinner. Family meals around the table is a lost art these days and it’s something I cherish about my childhood. My father graduated college and opened his first restaurant and never looked back. He is a Pennsylvania German who learned to cook almost anything Italian and eventually Cajun and Creole when he moved to New Orleans. My parents are not in the restaurant business any longer but it’s always a fun time when the family gets together for meals and especially holidays. My other favorite times in the kitchen is when I’m cooking with my best friend and husband, David. His family is Korean and he was born and raised in Honduras, so I have culinary influences from all corners of the world! David and I love to cook and travel and experience many different cultures and ethnic foods.

What is your favorite food?

My absolute favorite food is Italian. I love the pasta, red sauce, basil and fresh herbs, cheese, bread, coffee, wine, desert…I could go on and on! They really have all the best in Italian cuisine. My dream is to do a food and wine tour through Italy some day!

Favorite weekend activity?

I LOVE going to the farmers market on Saturday mornings. It’s a fun way to start the weekend! I am such a planner and totally a list maker so I usually go with a list of items to buy but sometimes it’s nice just to let whatever is available inspire your meal/menu.

My husband and I try to do something adventurous each weekend whether it’s hiking, kayaking, swimming, going to a play or musical, etc. We also love to find new places to eat! I hope to share some of our favorites places and dishes on this site!

Beyond recipes, what do you want people to discover on this site?